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Core Logging Improves Business Decisions

Reduce ambiguity, improve business decisions, and find more oil in the rock

Electrical logs generally do not provide complete and accurate information. They can be misleading for several reasons, such as thin bed or pyrite affects on the petrophysics, their inability to accurately show permeability, and the inability, particularly of older core logs, to differentiate some shales and radioactive sands. Neither are electrical logs the ideal way to identify facies, and this can have a major impact on the determination of the extent, directionality and quality of a reservoir. All these factors affect the choice of drilling locations, and the response of reservoirs to completions and production practices. The StraTerra Log Manager core logging software integrates electrical log and core analysis data with the core descriptions, using electrical log traces to provide core-on-depth adjustment and help locate lost rock. The Core Log Manager and the Cross Section Manager allow easy visualisation and corroboration.

Even the most seasoned and experienced geologists agree that better tools are needed to help plan more productive wells. Core logging and cross section creation can be a slow and painstaking task. Software tools can help geoscientists create better core logs and cross sections, leading to improved interpretation and understanding of the geology.

Historically, the core log or strip log was done on paper. Logging core with the Log Manager core logging software speeds this work, and results in unambiguous and analyzable data that can also be used by other applications such as Schlumberger's Petrel. The Core Log Manager consolidates data storage by providing a single database for all core log and electrical log information, core photos and microscope photos. It can also import digital scans of existing hand drafted logs, save them in the same database and let them be used just like fully digital core logs.

Ease of use and functionality are combined in Core Log Manager. Used by consulting geologists in labs and by oil companies in Canada and the U.S., Core Log Manager allows them to focus on the rock and to better optimize their decisions.

Simply put, the Core Log Manager helps geoscientists to take full advantage of today's advanced computing technologies to find more oil in the rock.

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