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The LogManager™ core logging software helps geoscientists better understand the geology by providing feature rich, simple to use tools for the capture and management of stratigraphic and related data. The LogManager toolset speeds core logging, helping to identify bypassed pay, questionable electrical logs or core analysis data, leading to improved modelling and optimized production   (Read now core logging can improve business decisions)

If you need to create core logs and integrate electrical logs and core analysis data to describe rock easily, rapidly and accurately, LogManager is the best tool. The easy-to-learn and use GUI brings point-and-click simplicity to the core lab, the office and the well site. LogManager can be mastered in hours not days. It lets you create, and update logs with minimal typing and its many features, such as one-touch core-on-depth adjustment, speed your work. You can choose as much or as little detail as you need, adding, removing and rearranging descriptors. You can open multiple logs, and view them, drawn to a common scale or create cross sections from core logs, electrical logs or both.

The CoreLogManager is the core logging hub of the LogManager toolset.
  • CoreLogManager™: core logging software lets you capture and include more than 25 lithologic descriptors in the core log.
The CoreLogManager is complemented by these powerful modules:
  • Electrical Log Manager™: Import LAS file or raster image electrical logs, perform one touch core-on-depth adjustment, and include electrical logs in cross sections.
  • Core Image Manager™: Import digital images of cores, crop, and display in the core log and tag with text or picture notes
  • Core Data Manager™: Import core analysis data, from csv files, and graph in the core logs.
  • Multi-Log Viewer™: View multiple logs, allowing correlation of formations and beds.
  • Paper Log Manager™: Import scans of hand drafted paper logs and save, and manage just like digital logs.
  • Cross Section Manager™: Create cross sections from core logs or electrical logs allowing correlation of formations and beds.

Example of a LogManager core log image
Open a larger core log image

Example of a the LogManager Open Cross Section tool
Open a larger cross section image

Additional LogManager™ features include:

  • User-definable preferences for commonly used items
  • Updateable symbol libraries
  • Auto and timed backup
  • Built-in, remote support
  • Data storage in an IT class SQL database
  • Data import/export in industry standard formats


StaTerra Inc.'s professional services team can modify a StraTerra product to meet your needs. We can add customized descriptors and additional library symbols.

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