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Capture and Manage Lithologic Information


Exceptionally easy to learn, its user interface features a point-and-click ergonomic design, letting you easily capture more than 25 lithologic descriptors, insert beds, lithologies, accessories, sedimentary structures, fauna, trace fossils, facies, and lost rock.

Printing, data capture and exchange functions are capabilities that you’d expect from a core logging application. In addition to effectively delivering these capabilities, the CoreLogManager goes further to provide:
  • Silisiclastic, Carbonate, Electrical Log and mixed profiles
  • Updateable libraries of symbols for lithologies, accesories, fauna, trace fossils and sedimentary structure
  • User-definable preferences for commonly used items
  • Selectable (hide and reveal), reorderable and resizeable descriptor columns
  • Weathering profiles that are applied with one touch
You can enhance the capabilities of the CoreLogManager using the Electrical Log Manager, the Core Image Manager, the Core Analysis Data Manager, the Multi Log Viewer, the Paper Log Manager (hand drafted logs) and the Cross Section Manager.

Open a Siliciclastic core log image

Example of a LogManager Siliciclastic core log

Example of a LogManager core log Formation Magnetic Imaging (FMI) image

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